Ishqbaaz 13th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: ACP Comes To Oberoi Mansion


Anika comes to Shivay. She says how you everytime get to know i came. She says you will know why i came here. Anika says ever you thought that you can also be wrong. Shivay says i will not change my rules for anyone. Anika asks if these rules comes in way of happiness of our loved ones. She asks if a person doesnot have family name then they cannot achieve dreams. Shivay says i live in practical life and Family and father is important. Shivay says surname defines a person. He says Dev may be good but he has no family name. Priyanka is my sister and i cannot let her marry to a boy who doesnot have name. Anika gets shocked and says let Priyanka talk to him.

IshqbaazShivay says this is my family matter and you cannot talk in this. She says i am talking as Priyanka’s friend. He says i am talking as he brother. Anika goes. Rudra takes Saumya to place. She asks why you took me here. Rudra says i took my best friend with me. He says i trust you. Rudra asks Reyan how you disappeared from Saumya’s life. Reyan says sorry and we didnot have any connection. Dev comes to Priyanka. Anika says you should not have come here. She worries. Dev says if he will go from here then he would not live. Priyanka cries and says i didnot know what to do.

Anika says please dont do this and Shivay is worried. She says we cannot make new relation by breaking old relations. Dev says i am sorry Priyanka. Reyan says everything was getting wrong. Anika takes Priyanka and Dev out. She hides. Shivay shouts on Anika. He says how dare you do this and brought him in. He throws his phone. Shivay says my family denied this relation and how could you do this. Shivay shouts on Dev and says leave. Priyanka says she didnot do anything. He asks have you brought Dev in or not. Anika looks at Priyanka. Shivay says dont look at her as she know if she will do this then this will not good. Anika says yes i brought him. He says he is a liar.

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