Ishqbaaz 13th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Shivaye Dance With Anika


Anika says how this letter reached to Tia. Tia says i was so surprised to see this letter in gifts of Pinky. Tia says you wrote right. Malika says exactly and all is well that ends well. Tia hugs him. Pinky sees them and becomes happy that Malika we go now. Roop thinks there were no password of locker. Gayatari says all things spoiled. Roop says one more thing is there which is Shakti. They makes plan. They all drinks punch of Rudra. Saumya gets call of her mother and she goes. Shivay comes and says he wants to talk to them. Malika says why she is feeling he is interrogating him. Pinky tells Janvi that Pinky hugged Shivay. Roop and Gayatri makes plan. Shakti asks from driver what happened. He tells there is accident. A man was under bike. Shakti and driver helps him.


Meanwhile Roop goes in his car and finds his diary. Saumya talks to mother and says everything is fine here and she feels like home. She says she sees everyone together here and worst thing is she lost his brother. She cries. Rudra listens her and sees her. Saumya says she decides that she will not cry. Rudra gets emotional. Shakti says he will call hospital. Roop remembers that he notes down everything in diary. She takes photograph of notes. Shivay scolds Malika and Anika. Pinky comes and says why are you talking to them and you should go to Tia. Shivay says he is talking to them and let them be.

Shakti goes. Roop and Gayatri smiles. Shivay says what was that letter. Anika says you doesnot have that style. Malika says yes he knew that without their help Tia would not have come back. Malika says you should say thank you to us. Anika says he cannot say that. Shivay says he agrees what they did was weird but.. om comes and says this was his idea. He takes Shivay with him. Om talks weirdly and says he is not feeling good. Shivay asks for what. Om gets drunk and says he never asked Ridhimaa to change but she wants to change him. Om says how can she come. Shivay says he is over reacting. Shivay says Tia never asks to change anything. Tia comes and says she will paint whole house with purple.

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