Ishqbaaz 14th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Star Plus: Anika Again Throws Water On Shivaye


Shivay asks what is Anika’s status and flashback starts. Shivay asks Rudra not to touch water. Rudra shouts. Shivay becomes scared and then Rudra comes out and says there is no water. Anika comes and tells she has stopped main supply of water. Dadi says you again saved my son’s life. Rudra says what my life in danger. Om calls Shivay. Rudra picks up phone and tells shayari to him. Om says he will slap him. Rudra says if he knows what happened with him. Om says if Saumya has threw water on him. Rudra tells someone has supplied electricity in water. Om becomes shocked.


Shivay blames Swatlana and says she is of no use and she doesnot proves herself. Tez says yes he also dont trust her. Swatlana says he was very happy when she was taking his responsibility. Tez says his family security is his priority. Rudra tells that Anika saved him and she is not involved in any bad deeds. Om says may be she is right. Tez says she is done here. Swatalana says she will leave the job but after tight security this is happening everytime and we have to find a person who is involved in all this and helping them from inside. Shivay thinks of Anika and says he knows who is that person.

Om goes to media person and says who leaked that story. He says one woman came and gave him chip. Om asks if he knows anything about her. He tells that he thought that she is not family member of Oberoi. He also tells that she was not seeming more educated. Rudra says all signs are towards Anika. Anika gives sweets to Dadi and Dadi says its too tasty and it will be given to all guests. Dadi tells that she has ordered Rudra to download designs of packing and asks her to call Rudra from Shivay’s room. Rudra says Anika is that spy in our room. Anika calls Rudra and Rudra shows her picture to that man and man says she is not that man. Then Om shows him Gayatari’s picture and man says yes she gave us the chip. Shivay asks Anika to tell for whom she is working.

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