Ishqbaaz 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Shivaye Wakes Up With Anika


Everyone gets drunk. Rudra asks to drink more. Anika says we should play Antakshri. Tia says no lets chant. Rudra says no lets play truth and dare. Rudra takes bottle and says person has to say truth otherwise perform a dare. Bottle comes on Om. Shivay says what will you say. Om says he has to announce one thing. We have to live in purple house. Another chance comes on Tia. Tia says no Its Saumya. Rudra says lets rotate it again. It comes on Priyanka. She dances. Next comes on Malika. She also dances. Next comes on Saumaya. She says she wants to say truth that Romy is not like that as she is seeming. Rudra says this is her family and if she will become scared then she can sleep in his room.

IshqbaazThey all dances. Malika falls on Shivay. She looks at him. Rudra clicks photos. Shivay asks her to be careful. She asks he does not love Tia and why he is marrying Tia. Shivay says lets dance. Everyone dances. Anika also falls on Shivay. Anika asks truth or dare. Rudra says he is tired of taking photos. He goes to Saumya. He says you have become so cute. Malika asks Tia how Shivay met her. Shivay says he will tell his truth and she also has to tell her truth. Anika says ok. Shivay says today whatever she did was sweet. He finally says thank you to her. Anika looks at him. Roop sees photos which she took from diary of Shakti. She becomes frustrated and says there is no code. Gayatri says the secret which is big that is kept secretly. Gayatri says which thing she knows and if she tells media that then Oberois will be destroyed.

Shivay says he thinks Anika is cute. Anika says really. Shivay asks her to say truth now. Anika says she makes fun of his eyes but his eyes are good and she thinks what she should say to him for ten minutes. Shivay says yes he also thinks from where she get such words. Anika says which words. He says tadi and all. He says i will make dictionary of your words. All this records in phone. Anika says Malika was telling that you dance so well. Shivay says no one is saying anything. They looks everyone was sleeping. Suddenly song plays. Shivay starts dancing. Pinky comes and asks why there is so silence. They sees bottle of wine.

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