Ishqbaaz 16th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video Recap: Saumya Gives Wrong Advice To Rudra


Anika asks why Shivay is not warning her today. Shivay says he came to say.. he says he find out that she doesnot leaked the chip . Anika says she knows that. Shivay says he found few proofs and she is clean. Anika asks Shivay to tell everything. Shivay tells she was not wrong and she saved Tia and she was right. She saved Rudra. Anika gets happy and says if he is saying that Shivay singh oberoi is wrong. She tells he was saying that he can buy Anika. Shivay says everyone wants her to come back to job. Shivay asks him to say please. Anika irritates her. Shivay becomes frustrated and says just cut it and if she wish to come then she can come. Anika says she has won.


Dadi comes. She asks Shivay why he has not said sorry. She says sorry and asks her to come back and help her. Rudra talks that he wants to teach Saumya a lesson. Saumya listens and thinks he is thinking he is so oversmart and now he should be ready to face love devil. She comes on air as love angel. Rudra calls love angel. He says he is Amar. Saumya thinks how fraud is he. She asks whats your problems. Anika says she has conditions. She tells she wants friendly environment and he should say good morning and he should smile. Dadi says ok. Shivay gets frustrated. Anika says her ideas are good and excellent and she wants Shivay to admire her ideas also. Dadi says ok he will do. Shivay says i will give you new wedding planner. Saumya listens Rudra’s problem and says why he didnot discussed this problem with his elder brother.

Rudra asks how she knew about it. Saumya again asks what is his name. He says Prem. Saumya says now you are telling different name. Shivay says there is another condition that she should not irritate him. Anika says its not possible. Dadi says yes Shivay gets frustrated so early. Dadi says now fight is finished. Shivay says please Anika you should not talk to him. Anika says how it is possible as she has to ask him.

Shivay says another condition that she should not throw water. Anika says now he is scared of water. Anika tells all that was by mistake. Rudra asks how to impress his dream girl. Dadi asks Anika to come home tomorrow. Shivay gives her phone. Saumya gives Rudra wrong advice.

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