Ishqbaaz 16th September 2016 Episode: Shivaye Tries To Talk With Mallika


Anika puts her head in water. Shivay smiles and then laughs loudly. Malika sees him laughing and gets shocked. Malika says you can laugh. Rudra comes and says he got his phone and we will see video. Shivay remembers what happened. He gets scared. He remembers how they danced. Saumya asks Rudra to open video.

ishqbaaz-serialPinky and Janvi comes and says whats happening. He says video of party. Pinky says i will also see video. Rudra asks them to sit. Saumya says are you mad Rudra. Shivay says why we want to see Video. Shivay says if something happened then he will know this.

Malika says tell me where we went on first date. Malika gets call and she didnot take this. Anika says why there is need of video. Anika says i use old phone till now. Shivay gets scared and asks why we are getting frustrated as there is nothing in video. Anika remembers how she praised him. Shivay says he thinks no one should see that video. Anika asks do you remember anything.

He says yes. Anika says me too. They both rushes and says we have to stop them. Shivay goes. Rudra talks. Shivay asks if video has been started. Janvi asks to play video. Shivay says stop. Saumya asks what happened. Shivay says its so uncool and we should plan new party. Om asks what happened. Rudra says no we will see. Anika says no. SHe says we will not see this. Roop says she got to know locker code

Gayatri asks what. She says yes we can take out that secret which will destroy Oberois. Video starts. Anika starts acting as she has head ache. She faints and video stops. She signs Shivay. Rudra says his phone is hanged. Saumya says i want to see. Shivay takes phone and says i will delete this.

Anika comes and Shivay says you showed presence of mind. She says i am so smart. Shivay says i will delete. He sees video. Anika also comes back. Anika says wait. She says i want to check video. They both sees video. They deletes video. Anika gets happy and then they both smiles. News comes that bride who ran away is doing parties. They sees photo of Shivay and Malika. Malika gets upset. She cries and runs

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