Ishqbaaz 17th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Shivaye & Anika See Each Other


In the last episode of Ishqbaaz, we had seen that Shivaye goes to save Anika. Anika gets shocked to see Shivaye there and looks on. Shivaya keeps on looking Anika and recalling all the things with her. The goons start beating him but Shivaye doesn’t defend to them. Anika thinks that why did he is not defending. The show goes back. Om and Rudra talk to Shivaye.

IshqbaazThey make Shiavaye understand and says that this is the time to thank Anika and you must go to thank her. Shivaya thinks on and says that he have to go and thanks, Anika. He leaves and meets Anika on the way. Anika then gets shocked and says that why did Billu Ji is not defending. She goes to save him but a man holds her. Anika calls Shivaya and says him to answer these goons back.

Then Om and Rudra come there and helps Shivaye. They all beats the goons and Shivaye look on at Anika. Om and Rudra come to Anika and apologize to her. Anika asks them that they don’t need to do all this. She looks on at Shivaya and they all leaves. Anika comes to the home and throws bua’s stuff out of the house. She pleads with them but Sahil and Anika taunt her.

In the house Pinky, Dadi and Jhanvi have caressed Om, Rudra, and Shivaye. They all shouts in pain. On the other side, Anika is applying ointment on her wound. Sahil asks her that did she goes there to hear thanks from Shivaya. Anika neglects and says that she didn’t go there for that. She says that she don’t even know why she goes to help them.

In today’s episode of we are going to see Anika listens Shivaye, Om, and Rudra talking to each other. They say to Shivaye that there must be some link of yours and Anika. Anika hears this and comes to them. Shivaya and Anika look on at each other. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ishqbaaz like this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ishqbaaz like this.

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