Ishqbaaz 18th August 2016 Written Episode: Sivaye Talks About Family


Anika praises Om and Rudra and says she doesn’t believes that they are his brothers. She blames and says she is thinking he cannot understand. Shivay listens all this and says forget it. Om says dadi has told them everything as he will say good morning to her. Janvi comes and says. Good morning. Shivay asks whom did he told this.


Rudra says only chhote maa papa and put status on friendsbook. Shivay says good morning slowly and Anika says she doesnot listen it. He says again and then Anika replies him and asks how is he and how much money he earned today. Anika says leave it and asks he has not told how is he.

Shivay says he is fine. Anika says ok. Rudra comes and says he is biggest fan of her. Om says we dont need tv now as live entertainment is here. Ridhimaa meets Ishana ‘s sister and she tells her the issues. Her sister gives her cheque of one billion dollar.

Ridhimaa becomes happy and she calls waiter. Ishana comes as waiter in japanese dress. Om also comes in that restraurent. Ishana thinks Om should see Ridhimaa and catch her. Suddenly Ridhimaa’s cheque falls down and she bends. Om doesnot sees her.

Rudra goes to college and everyone laughs on him. Rudra thinks everyone is impressed by his photo. He goes to his friend and talks to her. He asks if he has tagged that photo. Friend asks if he is sure to showcase that photo. He says yes. Rudra sees Romy. Om meets Ishana’s father.

Om asks if he is landlord of Bela’s house. He says yes. Om asks him not to make her out of the house. Landlord says ok. Om thinks he agreed too fast. Then his father says there us a condition as he has to take selfie with him. He tries to show Ridhimaa.

Ishana presses leg of Ridhimaa. Om sees Ridhimaa and thinks she told him that tomorrow she has to go to clean all the drains of small areas. Rudra says he said that Romy will come to hin and he imagines Romy coming to him and kissing. Romy says he is hottest hunk of the college. She says what a picture and asks to see. Pinky asks to fit the sherwani.

Shivay says no he wants to handle the family and its security. Pinky says we can take care of that. Shivay says no he is afraid of Gayatri and her deeds. Pinky says she can never win from him. Anika comes. Rudra sees his picture in shorts. Everyone laughs. Anika says she came here as Dadi wanted her to take salary from Shivay. Shivay asks what is her name. She says only Anika. She says why he is interested to know surnames.

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