Ishqbaaz 19th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Shivaye Again Fight With Anika


Shivay says Anika gave him lecture on small thing. Om says he is talking about Anika from thirty minutes. Shivay says she irritates him. He also asks Om what is matter of Ridhimaa. Om says no she said lie and he does not lies. Rudra comes and cries that his brothers does not love him. Rudra says beyond girls there are other people also. Shivay asks what are you saying. Om says he is not able to figure out whats happening. Shivay says Ridhimaa is wrong but she also done this in right way. They both argues on family name. He says when we buy a dog then also we see breed and Om says he does not care about all this. Rudra says for him body is everything.


Rudra says he is getting fat day by day. Om and Shivay laughs. Pinky asks Shivay to select date of marriage. Shivay says dont get started again. Rudra comes and says not to worry as she will get pimple. Rudra says now he can call them brothers. Saumya says she also seen Rudra crying. Pinky shouts that why they are shouting and no one is listening. Anika says please tell the date. Shivay says we can focus on another things. Pinky says raksha bandhan is coming and we should focus on rakhi. Pinky asks Anika to prepare for rakhi. Anika says this will be unique rakhi. Dadi says she trusts her. Tia’s mother says Pinky invited them for Rksha bandhan’s occassion and they are not deciding date of marriage. Tia says we should go and you should not talk about Marriage. Tia’s mother says i will raise the topic and get to know that they are willing to marry or not.

Rudra thinks why Shivay told Saumya about everything. Saumya comes and teases him. She asks if he cried a lot. Rudra says tears of happiness. Saumya says someone has done mean prank with him and if he wants any help then she can help him. Rudra says no he doesnot wants her help. Anika goes to Shivay’s room. Anika asks how he knows that she came in. Shivay says when trouble comes then we get to know. Anika says she is making reminder. Anika asks why he has not said good morning to her today. Anika asks Shivay to eat Almonds and his memory will get good. Anika asks Shivay to tell his favorite dish as Dadi asked to make that.

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