Ishqbaaz 19th November 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Video: Tia Creates Misunderstanding


Anika cries. Daksh asks if he can drop her. She says no i will go. Shivay thinks that Anika asked how he got to know that she needed him. Shivay thinks if Anika is telling lie. Anika reaches home. She remembers what Shivay said and he thinks middle class girls thinks like this. Light goes. Anika talks to herself and says not to worry aa there are these security person. That man comes to her and she falls on floor. She becomes so scared. She asks who are you and what he wants. She runs. He stabs knife on door. She gets extremely scared. Shivay gets intuition that Anika is in trouble.

IshqbaazShivay calls Om and says where is Anika. Om says he does not know. Shivay tells he is feeling strange. Shivay asks from Dadi. Janvi says we dont know. Anika gets injured and blood comes from her neck. Anika calls Shivay but Tia puts his phone on silent and then cut the phone. Suddenly Daksh comes and handles Anika. Anika becomes scared. Shivay sees calls of Anika and he calls her back. She did not picks up. Daksh talks sweetly to Anika. Anika asks how you came here. He says i was worried for you. He asks if you saw him. She says no electricity went and i was not able to see.

Anika says i called Shivay but he did not pick up. Daksh says you call Shivay in emergency and i don’t know you both are so close. Daksh asks do you like him. He says we remember them in emergency whom we trust and this is reason of love. Anika gets tensed and thinks there is nothing like that. She says i was upset with him still i called him. Daksh asks what Anika is thinking. He asks you were thinking of Shivay. She says why will i think. Daksh asks don’t you love him. She says no. Bua comes and asks what happened. Daksh says i am with you. Bua says if Anika would be married then no one can dare to do all this.

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