Ishqbaaz 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Video: Shivaye Propose Anika


In the last episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Shivaye talking to Soumya on her show. Soumya asks him his name and Shivaye says cat. Soumya then says that what is the color of his eyes and Shivaye says that Kanji eyes. He then realizes that he had mistaken and the show gets back to the moments where Anika is with Shivaya and he gets dizzy. He gets asleep then and Anika looks on at this.

ishqbaazOn the other side, Rudra takes Soumya on a date and Soumya gets glad to see the decorations. Rudra then calls Reeyan and introduce him with Soumya. Reyan approaches Soumya and Soumya ask that what this all going on here. Rudra says that I had fixed a date for you and me. He then calls Rumi there and Soumya gets tensed to see her. She then thinks that I have, to tell the truth to Rudra this time. Anika is with Shivaya and Shiavye gets to sleep in her lap. Anika says that there is something between us and leaves from there.

Rudra is talking to Rumi and Rumi says that she will first bless the food. Soumya gets tensed at this. Anika comes home and Sahil asks that did she get the answer. Anika says to Sahil that there is something between them but she exactly can’t get it that what is the feeling. Sahil asks her to close her eyes and tell that whom she see first. Anika stops him and asks him to leave. Sahil leaves from there then. Rumki gets Rudra to a place and on the other side Shivaye wakes up. He realizes that what did he exactly do.

He goes to meet Om and Rudra but they both are not there. Rudra is with Rumi and Soumya gets tensed for him. She says that I have to call him and should tell him the truth. Priyanka asks her to start her podcast. Soumya did so and Shivaye calls her. He asks about love and gives his intro as a cat. He then says that he have kanji eyes and Soumya looks on. Soumya then questions him and says that basically you are confused for your love. Anika is thinking about Shivaya and says that I have to find the truth. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Shivaye come to Anika and ask her that did she marry him. Anika and everyone look on at this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ishqbaaz like this.

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