Ishqbaaz 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Shivaye’s Ex Girlfriend Comes


Pinky says she does not know when Shivay will give date of wedding. Shivay says Om you have to do this and reveal Bela. Shivay says we have to think from mind and this is similar as buisness. Anika goes to Dadi and says Bua has wasted all money and now she cannot return money. Anika says she cannot arrange this money. Dadi says not to say like that and i will cut thousand rupees from your salary. Anika says thank you Dadi and says Bua has done this. Bela meets Om and Om says why were you late. He behaves rudely. Bela says she came here to solve his problems and he can share whatever happened with Ridhimaaa and Om. Om puts tea in glass. He says her friendship her trust was fake and now he knows she is a cheat. He asks whether to call her Bela or Ishana.


He stands up and claps. He says you played well character of Bela. He says you were amazing. Ishana tries to say something but he stops her and shouts shut up and no more lie. Ishana says yes she is Bela and Mala but he cannot understand why she said lie and its easy to live in a big house and talk about truth but she cannot afford that. When poverty knocks on door then truth goes out. She takes her bag. Om says truth is not luxury but choice. How we are brought up and how we are treated that decides that. Ishana says you are not allowed to say anything about her family. She says yes she is thief but big thief are them. She says she has researched about them as a man burned himself in mahaarti and this news did not came out.

She says your brother Rudra that says lie and Shivay does business with truth. Om shouts on her and says no don’t bring them in our conversation. He says if he had to choose between Family and truth then he will leave everything. She says his dad is biggest liar. Shivay asks Ishana to leave. Ishana says she does not care what they think about her. She says she knows her family and she knows why she is like this and we have to become another personality to live in this world. She says when you will come to know that then he will remember her. She goes. Bua asks Anika not to make her out of the house. Pinky takes stress and says everything is because of Shivay. Shivay asks if Om ate food. Rudra says he becomes upset on small things. Pinky says she wants to talk to him. He says no he has some work.

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