Ishqbaaz 20th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Everyone Get Shocked By Priyanka’s Task


Anika writes favorite food of Shivay. He tells difficult words and sees she cannot write it. He takes her diary and sees caricature of Shivay and Anika. He shouts on her that she cannot understand english. Then Anika repeats all dishes he took names of. She says she runs canteen and she knows all dishes. She also tells he can stay happy tomorrow as she will not come as she has to spend time with her brother. Saumya comes on air as Love angel. She says we think love should be like baby shampoo. Rudra calls and Saumya recognises him as Amar Prem. He says how she recognised her.


She says his voice is so different. Rudra says his love life finished. Bela says thank you to Om as because of him landlord allowed her to live in that home. Om gives her bangles which she gave him. Ishana says keep it with you. He gives them in her hands and says this is your belonging. Ishanaa says he is too good and Ridhimaa has done wrong with him. Rudra asks Love angel what to do. She tells Rudra to call her at home as tomorrow is raksha bandhan and she will see how much you care about your sister and then she will melt.

Om says he has not done right with Ridhimaa as he didnot listen to her. He says some Mala called her there as cheated her. Ridhimaa calls Ishana and Ishana gets out from there. Ridhimaa tells Om is angry from her and mistook her. Ishana provokes her and says Om is finding ways to fight with her. Bela says find out where is Om may be he is with Bela. Ridhimaa says yes i will call him. Anika becomes happy that she will not see Shivay’s face tomorrow. Shivay says if she has taken permission from him. She says raksha bandhan is holiday. Shivay says if there is some work then he will call her and she has to come. Anika says no it is not possible. Ridhimaa calls Om and Ishana becomes. Happy ad they will fight now. Ridhimaa asks where are you. Om says he is with Bela. She doubts on him.

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