Ishqbaaz 21st July 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Tv: Anika Wants To Meet Shivaye


In the last episode of Ishqbaaz Khanna was asking to use the snow to make the moment happy and good for them. She nods and sprays, while kanna denies to it. Due to this the painting gets burned to ashes Shivaye was smiling to see the condition of the painting, while Anika gets very shocked to see that, he tells her that you’ve burnt a painting worth 5 crore, but Anika didn’t say anything then  just asking fo forgiveness to her.

IshqbaazShivaye was about to have some food but no one served him then after sometime and getting to know by Sartaj Anika served the food for him. she wasn’t happy while serving him, but she has to serve him at any cost. Shivaye was happy to see the painting again when the curtain is raised, the painting was very intresting that everybody gets very shocked to see such an amazing painting. Shivaye gets very happy to see the reactions of all. Shivaye wants to insult Anika but she counters him without insulting him and gets out from the situation.

Sartaj tells Anika that he will going to pay for this from her payments which is nothing in front of the cost of the painting. The goons were there to demolish the home or to get from them at ay cost whether they have to do anything or to hurt anyone. The guys also tells them the price which so much to pay at single time by them. He says that you are very lucky to get the forgiveness from him because he doesn’t give it to everyone.

Anika brings a challenge in front of Shivaye to do anything and even guarantees that she will going to win anyway. The bad guys come to demolish the home and then Anika told to Bua that the house has been sold to them in 30 lakh. Anika calls Shivaye and says that i’ve somthing to talk to you importantly.

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