Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Video: Shivaye Leaves For Important Work


Everybody becomes ready. Om comes as Shakti and Shakti as Tez. Janvi aldo comes as Pinky. Dadi laughs. Shivay also comes as Om with long hair. Rudra comes as Shivay. Priyanka hugs Shivay and says they are best. She says they did all this for her. Shivay says they can do anything for her. Rudra says he did this for her and if he can eat now. Anika thinks how she slapped Sahil. Shivay asks why Om grew his hair. Dadi asks what happened. She says nothing. Shivay says Anika cannot focus and if he has cancelled holiday then she is giving bad expressions. Rudra tells Romy is coming home and he will show his good look to her. Shivay says why Om cannot keep short hair.


Saumya thinks let Romy come then Rudra will cry. Priyanka takes some wheel. Anika thinks Sahil is not picking up phone. Shivay asks what is she doing here. She tells gifts for Priyanka has come. Shivay asks he wants to see. Anika shows him everything. Shivay asks why she is showing gift so hurriedly. She says she is angry and thats why. Shivay shouts on her that why she did not arranged his size wig. Anika settles wig. And they both falls. Anika says he is looking ok. Anika says there is no need for him to copy Om as Om is so kind hearted and he has human behaviour and she asks to look at him as he never smiles. He looks at himself in mirror and asks if he is not sensitive.

He says he can smile. He tries to smile. He becomes angry. Dadi asks to start. Rudra says do early. Priyanka tells she will rotate wheel and whose name will come then they have to perform. She starts. Rudra’s name comes. Priyanka says Saumya will help him. Rudra and Saumya together says no. Rudra acts like Shivay and Saumya acts like Anika. He tells all incidences and says how dare she call him Billu and she uses weird words and Rudra says some dialogues.

Shivay asks if this act finished. Romy comes. Saumya sees him and Rudra says for him name and status is important. Saumya says if he does not thinks that someone can be hury by this. Romy says disgusting. Rudra says hi to Romy. She says does not say hi. Roop thinks her brother did not remembered her on rakhi also and this time they will celebrate unique rakhi.

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