Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online Recap: Shivaye & Om Fight


Priyanka rotates wheel and then It comes on Om. Om hesitates. He has to act as Rudra. He dances as Rudra. Everyone laughs and claps. Priyanka ask to do something more. He says i am Rudra Singh Oberoi . Bela and Ridhimaa comes. He tells sher. Saumya says cry baby. Priyanka aska him to show how Rudra impresses girls. Bela says Om is so sweet and how can he manage with you. Ridhimaa says this is not fair. Om says hi to Ridhimaa. She says she needs to talk to him. He says hii to Bela. Ishana thinks if Om will call her as Bela in front of Ridhimaa then everything will be spoiled. She throws water on him. He goes to change. Priyanka rotates again. It comes on Shivay. Everyone looks for Shivay. Dadi asks Anika to bring Shivay.


She goes to his room and she sees Shivay acting like Om. Anika laughs seeing him. Shivay tries but does not succeed. He says. He cannot understand this philosophy and all. He thinks he can sing a song for Priyanka. He sings on serious note. Anika laughs and come in front. Shivay asks what is she doing here. Bela goes to Om and says sorry to him. She asks he was about to meet Ridhimaa and she met her downstairs. She says it seems that Ridhimaa does not likes that she does not like if Om meets her. So she becomes innocent and says she don’t want to come in between them. Ridhimaa thinks its great time to talk to Om. She calls Mala. Ishana gets out of there. She picks up call and tells she has to go as there is some important work.

Shivay again delivers dialogues. He gets call and becomes shocked. Om meets Ridhimaa and says Bela has not done anything. She shouts on him and says we are in realtion from three years and she has never pressurised him for commitment. He says this is not the right time as there is family function. She asks say yes or no. He says he needs time. She taunts him as he needs time because Bela has come now. He says he has never make her feel insecure. He says he does not have time for all this. He says lets end this.

Ishana listens and dances. Shivay goes but Priyanka stops him. Shivay shouts that he has to go. Rudra says there is so much fun. He gets off wig and shouts on Rudra. Police searches idols of Om. Police says Om is doing illegal work. Om sees some lady keeping some thing in plant.

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