Ishqbaaz 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Shivaye, Om, Rudra Shocked To See Anika In Their Home


The last episode starts with Shivaye met Anika and told her to accept her failure as he broke her in 72 hours. He showed her a blank cheque. Before some time, Shivaye talks to Dadi at house. Radra said that his hair got dry and neek treatment. Dadi said that Roop broke her heart. Om came there and said the they did hurry to judge Roop. He said that they know what she did but they don’t know why she did this. Om said that when a person have money its easy to him to become a nice guy but when person doesn’t have money we can’t imagine what they have to go through. Radra asked Shivaye to massage. Shivaye did massage to Dadi and Radra saw him doing massage to Dadi’s hair.


Shivaye got call from Anika. Anika told Shivaye that she want to meet him. Anika stands in the middle of the road in rain. Shivaye came there to meet her. He said to Anika that she has lost. Shivaye said that he broke her within 72 hours and showed her a cheque. Anika said that she called Shivaye here to tell him that he did many things in 72 hours to broke her but still she is standing in front of him.

Anika started leaving but Shivaye stopped her. He said that she spoke well. He said that there is few hours left. Anika recalls his brother. Shivaye showed her a blank cheque and asked her to fill the amount. Anika hold the cheque. Shivaye said check mate and went to his car.

Shivaye came to Om. Shivaye said him that he is very happy as he showed someone her place who tried to hurt their family.

In today’s episode Shivaye see Anika at his home and he spins the rolled flat flour. The flour gets get over Tia’s face when it falls. Shivaye, Om and Rudra look at Anika. Shivaye come to Anika.

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