Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Dadi Gives CD To Inspector


Ridhimaa goes to kitchen. She says i distributed sweets in slum. She ssys i am looking bad as dirt is on clothes. She says we are going to charity dinner. He says how can i come as Ganpati came in out house. She says this is for good deed. Om says yes but she should have asked him first. Saumya asks where is sixth dhol. Anika says dont worry i will search that. She goes. Shivay takes off cloth from Ganpati. Pandit says we have to do pooja now. He asks who will do Ganesh Aarti. Dadi thinks when Mahaarti occured then they fought. Pinky says its obvious. Tez says our sons will do the aarti.

IshqbaazPinky says yes our children will do aarti together. Someone opens dhol with knife. They all comes and does aarti together. Anika and Saumya brings dhol. Gayatri enters in room. She goes in room where is locker. She calls Roop and Roop tells her number but locker doesnot opens. Then Roop tells another number. Locker opens. She becomes happy. Alarm rings. Shivay thinks how this happened now. Roop thinks if she will get caught then it will create troubles. Tez says i will ask Security to come. Security puts gun on Gayatri. Bua provokes Sahil against Anika. Gayatri says why not Tez tells you secret. Shivay gets angry and says what non sense are you talking about.

Tez says we doesnot have time to spend on you and you are thief which came to steal money. Gayatri says there are some secrets in your locker. Shivay asks what. Tez says let it go and this woman is mad and he directs Security to take her. Gayatri says he is coward and cannot confront Truth. Shivay gets angry and stops Gayatri as she was hiding something. He asks what is in your hands.she says this is secret of your life. Shivay asks what is this. Gayatri says see this Cd and you will get to know

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