Ishqbaaz 26th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Video: Shivaye Softly Talks With Anika


Ridhimaa asks can they discuss it. Pinky goes to Janvi room and says this dress will suit you. Rudra goes to College and sees Romy. He says he wants to say something. Om says sorry for being rude. Ridhimaa also says sorry. Janvi says its ok Pinky. Pinky says sorry for all that she said. Rudra says sher to Romy. Then he realises how bad sher was that. He says to Romy that he is not cheap and girls alwaya looked at his six packs and looks. He asks to see him but Romy continues to read book. Ridhimaa asks if he will give another chance to her. Pinky says it was tongue of slip. Janvi says it is slip of tongue. Pinky says Janvi corrects her and maintains her english skills. Pinky says sorry and hugs Janvi. Janvi says does not matter and she is glad that Pinky came to her to say sorry.


Om says when everyone can give second chance then why not to our relation. They hugs. Rudra crosses his fingers. Romy takes out her ear phones and asks if he was talking to her. Rudra asks for coffee from Romy. She says fine. Rudra says tell me time and place and i will be there. He becomes happy and thanks love angel. Shivay roams and Anika thinks how to solve this matter and he is so rude. Shivay gets call. Anika thinks how much he talks on phone. He gets happy on phone as he gets deal. Anika thinks he got silver and his mood is nice so she should talk to him. Om says Love angel advice was nice. Rudra says yes she is nice. Om tells Shivay gave the same advice but he should also follow his advice. Anika brings cake. Rudra says happy birthday. Anika says i don’t have birthday today. Om asks then for whom is this cake for. She says its for Shivay.

Rudra asks why. She says to celebrate and he got deal. She asks them to join her. Om says its good idea and its sweet that you made cake for him. Anika asks how you know that cake is sweet. Om says they were thinking that how Anika and Shivay fights is not good and they should sort it out soon. Anika takes cake in his room and burns candle. Shivay’s muffler catches fire from candle. Anika tried to extinguish it but fails. She pushes Shivay in pool. Om and Rudra thinks now they will eat cake. They sees Shivay in pool and gets shocked. Shivay gets up.

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