Ishqbaaz 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Colors Tv: Shivaye Holds Anika and Tells His Emotions


Shivay was very angry from Anika and went to her for scolding her and taking his revenge but gets svcared when he listens to dadi voice but when she goes he went again to her, rather than getting a scolding from him. Anika scolds him and completely makes him stop, but then he says that your play will be no longer available in the house.


She somehow manages to shut his mouth and goes from there. He warns her about the chip and also tells that there is no benefit of your’s to publicize it. Rudra was making fun of Shivaye and his helplessness in front of Anika , because everytime she makes him shutup and go back without getting any answer to his questions.

Anika was in canteen when Shivaye tear his tender of the Canteen and then they start fighting again, and after sometime Anika again  scolds him and goes from there to do his work. Ishana tells to Mona about the call which she gets from the kidnapers about the warning which they got from them about Kidnapping her sister.

Rudra asks to Shivaye for a new car, while they were deciding and choosing the care to buy for Rudra, he remembers the sayings of Anika and suddenly scolds Rudra in place of Anika. Looking at his strange behaviour, both of the brothers think that this is because of Anika and his presence around his brother.

Ishana asks Om to keep something for him like bangels in the small bag for them and hides it behind something. When asked by him she tells that it is basically my mom’s belonging. Rudra talks to Ruhi and didn’t see Rudra yet, he basks about his style but all his fashions were just a dream to be happen. Shivaye holds Anika, but didn’t see her face, he says very emotionally that you might feel that there is not emotion in me, but you are wrong.

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