Ishqbaaz 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Oberoi Girls Will Do Visarjan


In the last episode Shivaye and Omkara argued with each other. Shivaye said to Om that he said against family. Omkara said that he was saying in favor of truth. Rudra came there and asked them that did that girl commit suicide because of their dads. On the other side, Anika asked Bua that why did she make Sahil ate the leftover food. Bua said that Anika didn’t told her. Sahil said to Anika that she don’t care for him. Anika apologized. Shivaye consoled Rudra and told him that people spread rumors and lie to bring them down.

IshqbaazRudra said that he trust his family and he said to Om that he is very emotional. Shivaye asked Rudra to eat something. Anika asked Sahil to eat food. He refused. Somehow she made Sahil eat food. Shivaye and Rudra fed food each other. Shivaye got a call. Soumya came there and asked Rudra is he upset. Then they shared noodles. Shivaye shouted on call. Jhanvi asked Shivaye what happened. Shivaye said that some ACP Rathode managing their case and said that Shakti and Tej can’t come home tonight.

Shivaye said that he will get Tej and Shakti home morning. Shivaye said that he will handle media. Priyanka called Anika and asked her to come home. Shivaye refused to go for Visarjan. Anika came to Oberoi house and asked Dadi can she do anything for her. Dadi asked Anika to convince Shivaye for Visarjan. Anika tried to convince Shivaye but he didn’t convinced. Anika left and Shivaye stands silent.

In today’s episode, Anika says that if Shivaye doesn’t want to come, its his decision She says that they will do Visarjan. All other girls and ladies says they will also come for Visarjan. Anika says Oberoi house girls do Visarjan today. She says that if boys do not want to come then its their wish.

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