Ishqbaaz 27th July 2016 Written Episode Updates: Shivaye Warns Anika To Stay Away

Ishqbaaz 27th july 2016

Soumya when starts talking to Rudra tell shim that this is his first day here and she is quite nervous about all the things, but its good that you met me, Rudra didn’t recognize her and tells this to her, she gets suddenly shocked. Om was telling about Ishana and how Anika spills cofffee over Shivaye’s cloth.

Rudra button his shirt because she told her that nobody looks good like this. Rudra who was shocked tell that it’s the first time we have met and you are being too open to me, Soumya didn’t get why is he not remembering her. When Om gets to home Shivaye asks him about his day at college, and he starts telling about the girl she met in the college which confirms of known him but he doesn’t know her at all. They also talk about Om’s old relation in which her girlfriend gets sick, because he doesn’t give her that much importance which she need and is lost in someone else’s memories.

Ishqbaaz 27th july 2016Om asks about the cheque which Shivaye was about to give to Anika but he doesn’t care about the thing or matter. Anika was having some feelings for Shivaye but didn’t care for it much, Soumya was an Rj before she met Rudra and he oves her voice so much, but now he is not recognizing her.

Shivaye even hates talking about love and when Dadi talks about love he stops her and say to keep quite, but rather than stopping everybody start making fun of her. Anika was doing his daily works and suddenly Shivaye comes there, he gets very angry ans ask her why is she in his room and ask him to get out, he is very fond of coffee and then he tells her about how to drink a coffee.

Rudra, Om and dadi comes there and looks on to him. Rudra says that Anika was a nice girl and she has gone too now. Anika then passes glass water to Shivaye, He then warns her about not thinking about him ever in life.

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