Ishqbaaz 27th September 2016: Shakti Suggests Tej To Go On Tirath Yatra 27th September 2016 Episode

Anika says we will do viasarjan. Before some time. Dadi asks if she has talked to Shivay. She says yes he is not coming. Anika says if Shivay will not come then we will do visarjan. She asks who will come with me. Om and Rudra say we are not coming. Dadi says I will go with you. Priyanka says she will also.

Saumya said me too. And Pinky Janvi also says so. Anika says all ladies will do and boys does not want to come. Anika takes up Ganpati and Shivay comes. They both take up Ganpati. They both look each other. Dadi says I will bring curd and sugar. Rudra says Anika convinced Shivay.

anikaTia says I want to take a picture.  Tia’s purse open and her bracelet come out. She goes and takes out the bracelet. Tia says this is so expensive and you should have asked me. Shiva says Tia don’t over react and if Anika said that she was keeping that means she was keeping. Tia gets sad. Bua goes to Sahil.

She says what happened you were saying Anika will come and take him to Ganpati. Sahil says don’t provoke me against Anika di and she will come. Sahil says Anika is great. Bua says go and earn something.  Rudra becomes sad and Om asks what happened. Shivay thinks about that Anika has not taken out but keeping it back.

He thinks in same way Gayatri also placed that Cd. He gets happy. Tez and Shakti come back from jail. They say that Cd was fake. Shivay says yes that was fake obviously. Tez says Gayatri is so cunning and can do anything. Janvi gives prashad to Tez.  Tez says sorry to Janvi. She asks why.

She says I know that was fake blame. Tez says I have done a mistake and we started this journey together but I left you and went ahead. He says I never gave you any credit. He said I never accepted that you were the one . Janvi says I am with you always. Rudra goes to Anika. He says I want your magic wand. Om says he wants to say thank you as she brought Shivay on visarjan. Rudra asks her to tell. Shivay listens to them. Anika hints Rudra but he doesnot gets that

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