Ishqbaaz 28th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Star Plus Recap: Shivaye Holds Anika Close


Rudra says he is going to that girl but that girl comes with parantha and comes to Rudra. She asks how is Shivaye and Om. Rudra says we never met before and there is some misunderstanding. She thinks why he is not recognising her. Rudra tells that Dadi make him watch the old movie “aai milan ki bela”.


Om comes and says today he met a girl. She was so disturbed but he met her before also. He saw pain in her eyes. Rudra says its amazing that they both are in relation then also they are talking about other girls.

Om asks how Shivay gave her cheque before she came to job. Shivay says he doesnot care about Anika. Rudra says our sizzler has burnt. Shivay says i will prove that he doesnot care. Anika tells Sahil about Billu ki shadi. She says she has insulted him. Then she starts to think about him. Shivay also thinks about her. Rudra’s girl as Rj talks and gets to know that may be Rudra is so shy thats why he didnot recognised her. Rudra also listens her show. He says love angel is so good Rj. Dadi talks about Ishqbaaz.

Shivaye says they dont have any other topic than Love. Rudra talks about Anika and Shivay throws pillow on him. Dadi says there is some connection in between Anika and Shivaye. Shivaye says he does not care. Dadi says why he says again and again that he does not care. Pinky says ethnic theme will be good.

Janvi comes and says its so loud and today’s adults does not likes it. Pinky says okay you decide what to do. Janvi tells about Vatna ceremony. Anika tells Dadi about that everything is so complicated here. Dadi asks what is the solution. She gives a form and says if everyone will fill this then she will get to know what everyone likes.

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