Ishqbaaz 29th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Rudra Take Selfie With Family


Anika says this is purse of Shivay. She also tells that his pant tore off. Dadi asks how this happened. Anika tells that Sahil does art and craft and permanent glue was lying on chair and he sat on that chair and then he stood up. Then this happened. Om and Rudra repeatedly says hid pant tore off. Shivay gets extremely unhappy and shouts on her. She becomes scared. He takes his phone and wallet and goes. Dadi asks Anika where is she going. She says she is going home. Dadi asks her to stay till janmashtmi pooja and not to worry about Shivay. Anika says she cannot say no to her. Dadi asks her to see everything in kitchen. She gets sad. She sees everything is prepared. Fruit basket was in kitchen. Anika listens some sound.


She thinks some electric wire is burning. Rudra asks Priyanka to bring cream. Saumya asks how was the party. He says it was excellent and many girls danced with him. Saumya tells that boys never tell when they get insulted. Saumya asks what happened and why you are so disturbed. Rudra says he did not know that Romy is so religious. Saumya says please stay away from her. Rudra ssys don’t get jealous. He says he does not wants to take her advice. Anika sees spark in fruit basket. Everyone comes for pooja. Tia also comes. Anika checks fruit basket. Suddenly it blasts and everyone gets shocked. They rushes to kitchen and Shivay puts water on fruit basket. Shivay watches Anika lying down. He lifts her up. Janvi calls doctor. Saumya opens all windows. Doctor asks Janvi not to let Anika sleep otherwise she can go in coma. Everyone says Anika Anika and tries to wake her up.

Shivay steps back and becomes extremely worried. Shivay throws water on her. Everyone looks him. Anika opens her eyes. He smiles. Anika asks you threw water on me. Pinky says he threw water otherwise you would have not been alive. Dadi asks if she is ok and she always stop all mishappening in this house. Om says this is too much and someone is trying to harm their family. Saumya tells Anika that Shivay saved you. Dadi prays that Anika saved us today and you should bless her. Shivay watches Anika.

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