Ishqbaaz 29th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Online: Ishana Will Do Something For Omkara


In the last episode Shivaye holds Anika assumed her to be Tia. He said about his feelings and emotions to her but didn’t saw her face. Rudra and Om said that Shivaye is also a ishqbaaz. Tia came there and asked Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika together explained them what happened. Before some times, Anika said that she don’t like to see Shivaye’s face but she need the job for Sahil’s case. Priyanka said to Anika that she will manage left wing and Anika manage right wing.


Tia said to Shivaye that she is staying there at night to spend good time. Shivaye said that they should spend time together. Tia switched off lights and left. Rudra told Om that may be Ruhi/Rumi has no interest in him. Rudra said that Shivaye got committed too early. Anika came to Shivaye’s room and looked for switch. Anika went behind curtains in lighted area. Shivaye came there and assumed her Tia and hold her close.

Rudra and Om heared Shivaye and Rudra did Shayari. Shivaye got angry to saw Anika. Shivaye and Anika said that they didn’t saw each other because of darkness. Pinky asked Jhanvi that did Tej liked pink shirt. Jhanvi thanked her for that. Anika told his brother Sahil about Shivaye.

Anika talked to his brother Sahil and asked him about his friend Preeti. Sahil said that she is fine. Shivaye asked his lawyer that woman confessed her crime in police station. His lawyer said that they don’t have any proof agains her.

In today’s episode Riddhima and Om talks that Riddhima is making documentary to protect trees. Riddhima says to Om that if he come to her then her focus will divert on him and she can not be selfish. Ishana hears all this and says Om will thank her when she make him free of her.

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