Ishqbaaz 29th September 2016 Written Updates: Shivaay Accuses Anika {Recap}

Tia says mum wants that marriage should be held tomorrow. Pinky says no we are not prepared. She says board meeting is the day after tomorrow and mum want this. Tia says we will marry tomorrow and then we will keep grand reception. Janki says this is like blackmailing. Tia says I think Shivay agrees. Dadi becomes shocked. Pinky says nothing will happen. Tia says you should agree as marriages should be preponed. Pinky says ok we should keep wedding tomorrow. Shivay becomes confused. Anika comes. Tia says Shivay baby I know you need time but you have today’s time and I will wait for your call. She smiles and goes.


Shivay leave with anger. Janvi asks Pinky to come with her. Om and Rudra also goes. Anika asks what happened Dadi. Dadi says nothing and goes. She takes up newspaper. Rudra says Lady baba is blackmailing. Janvi says they are snatching this relation. Pinky says no Shivay is pushing dates. Om says Kapoor are forcing him. Janvi says Shivay should deny and Mrs Kapoor is blackmailing him for the deal.

Rudra says I don’t want to live. Pinky says Shivay will not say no and he cannot let deal will be cancelled. Om says I hope Shivay should say no. Shivay talks on the phone and collides with Anika. Anika says the door was open. Shivay asks what you want. She says you. Anika says you seem so worried and can I help you.

Shivay says this is my family problem. Anika says I cannot see you all worried. Shivay says why. She says this is Priyanka’s house and Dadi loves me so much and this is your house. Shivay stares her.

Anika says I was saying that murder blame is fake and I cannot see fake blames so I was thinking to help you but I don’t think that I can do anything. Shivay says yes one thing. He says prepare for my marriage as Tia and I are getting married tomorrow. Anika gets shocked.

Janvi says Shivay is saying yes because of a business deal. Dadi says Tia is not doing good. Rudra becomes sad and talks to Saumya he says I cannot beat Tia in this house. Saumya says shut up crybaby and we should support Shivay. Pinky asks servants to do preparations. Anika talks to Sahil and says after this marriage I will be free from this job.

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