Ishqbaaz 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Recap: Shivaye’s Chopper Blast


Shivay finalise a deal and says he is going to Nasik. Anika talks on phone and collides with Shivay. Their papers falls. Anika shouts on him. Shivay says he has more important works and asks her to go. Anika says her work is important as she is planning Shivay’s wedding. Shivay asks Anika to pick up envelopes. Anika says why he is not bending down. He says he does not bow down. Anika picks his papers and gives him. They both fights. Anika says she wishes not to see his face again. Shivay says ok he also wants that.


He goes in chopper. Om makes food for Om and he eats. Dadi tells that her friend’s  grand daughter is coming to study here and she will live in this house for some day. Rudra gets excited and asks if she is hot or sexy. Dadi says no you dont have to irritate her. Rudra says that girl will not control herself. Om tells Anika that not to eat this dish. Rudra asks Anika to taste dish. Anika says she cant eat. Rudra ssys new guest is coming in our house. Rudra calls Shivay but it does not reach. They  gets to know that weather is not good.

Anika says Shivay’s bad mood made weather bad. Om and Ridhimaa meets. Ishana watches them. Om tells Ridhimaa that he met Bela here and he wants her to talk to her and understand her pain. Ishana thinks how understanding is he. Priyanka also calls Shivay and thinks why he not reached yet. Anika also thinks why he has not reached and Shivay will be ok. Pinky asks Anika if she has seen that list. Dadi brings that girl in. Rudra also becomes ready to see that girl.

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