Ishqbaaz 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Mallika Enters Oberoi Mansion


Shivay asks eat food. Om says this girl taught me so many things. If she wanted money then she should have tell me but she wanted breakup of Ridhimaa and him. Om says he will not trust anybody now and Ishana did wrong. Sahil asks Anika to leave everything and not to think about Shivay. He asks who started all fights. She thinks of every incidences and finds herself. She says she thought everything was because of Shivay but in actual She is at fault. Sahil says you blamed him without any reason. Shivay feeds Om and Om starts talking about Ishana. He finds he ate everything. He asks who ate this. Shivay says you. Om becomes shocked. Shivay says you are so sensitive and cannot keep anything in your mind and you should let her go. Om becomes shocked and asks if Shivay is saying this to forgive her as he never forgives anyone.


Om says then Anika. Rudra asks if Shivay understood that what feelings is he hiding. Shivay says he doesnot wants to talk about this. Rudra and Om works in kitchen. Shivay comes and asks if they are making breakfast without him. Saumya and Ridhimaa comes. Anika also comes. Om says we were waiting for her. Shivay asks who said this. Rudra asks Shivay to go to pool side and wait there. He asks why. He says no. Rudra says he has talked to Anika and she will not push you to pool. Anika and Shivay goes to pool. She asks Shivay to sit. Shivay says he didnot read news paper today. She says same news comes in every paper. Ridhimaa says this idea is so good. Ridhimmaa tastes what Om made. Saumya asks Rudra to eat and he says no he does not eats it. They both fights.

Anika asks if you read business paper. He says yes. She says ok. They both takes water and their hands collides. Shivay asks Anika to take water. She says no you take it. Anika says one has to leave jug otherwise water will fall. Anika pours water in glass and Shivay becomes scared and says not to throw water. Shivay takes water in glass and gives to Anika. Anika also becomes scared. They both drinks water. Om and everyone comes.

Shivay asks why you came late. Om says we came five minutes late. Om brings food and says eat it. Shivay asks where you are going. Om says we are leaving as we are tired of your fights. Shivay takes up food and serves Anika. Anika says time has come and everything is normal now and can we talk about marriage.

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