Ishqbaaz 30th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Rudra Shot By The Bullet Of Gayetri


In the last episode Shivaye and Anika told each other that they don’t want to talk. Shivaye went and Anika said that her moon went. Omkara and Rudra was standing there and confused to saw this. Shivaye though that he is not worried for himself but he is afraid for his brothers. Rudra and Omkara asked Shivaye why he is worried. Shivaye said to them to make egg as he have to go for some work. Shivaye said that he should go office before his lawyer.


Rudra jokes on Shivaye and said that if he lie then crow will bite him. Om laughed on it. Shivaye said that Tia is talking to him because of Anika and he had to apologize to Tia. Shivaye leave from kitchen but Anika walked that way so Shivaye went back to kitchen. Shivaye said to Om and Rudra that he was avoiding Anika. Riddhima talked to Om and with some people to protest for saving trees. Riddima also protest when she saw media cover the protest. Om thought she was very honest.

Riddhima told Om to not come there otherwise all focus will be on him. Ishana was standing there and called her a drama queen. Dadi surprised Anika by lighting the her room. Anika go to Shivaye for her moon. Rudra and Om saw them. Om and Rudra asked Shivaye what happened. The manager told Shivaye about press conference.

Shivaye said Rudra and Om that Ashok’s wife Gayetri released from jail and wants to meet Shivaye. Rudra and Om also want to go with Shivaye. The reach the press conference where they saw Gayeteri and some reporters. Shivaye said the Ashok committed suicide because of his guilt. Gayeteri Got angry and shoots to Shivaye but Om pulled Shivaye. Rudra shot by the bullet in his hand. All got shocked.

In today’s episode Shivaye gets very angry on Gayeteri and she asks him to back off else she will shoot Shivaye. Shivaye angrily tries to reach Gayeteri but his bodyguards holds him.

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