Ishqbaaz 30th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Anika Decorates Mandap

Rudra says you want Anika. Shivay says from where she came. Om asks Shivay to think her small things touches him a lot. He starts thinking. Shivay says there is no connection between Anika and me and this is good joke. He says i dont care about her and she does not matter to me. Om asks really. Shivay says yes as she is poor girl and Dadi had pity on her and gave her a job of organiser. He says she has no class and standard and we does not know about her family. He asks do you think we are at same place and she is road trash and people like them does not exist for me.

IshqbaazSuddenly everyone sees Anika. Om says you crossed all limits today. Anika becomes sad. Shivay looks on. Anika takes clothes and gives him. She says Pinky sent these clothes and choose one from them. Anika shows him sherwani and asks which one you like. He says this one and this is different but this does not have class. Their eyes contacts. Anika says so my work is finished and i will tell Pinky aunty now. She goes. Shivay stops her. Anika turns. He says ok tell. Rudra and Om goes. Ridhimaa greets Shivay. She calls Anika and asks this is outfit of Shivay. She asks what are you wearing Anika. Ridhimaa says you both were going to be stars and as he is going to be married and you are organiser.

Anika says he decided so early so she didn’t have any time to decide. Anika slips. Shivay says take care otherwise what will happen. Everybody looks. Anika says i don’t become scared. Shivay starts making breakfast. Om.says what are you doing. Shivay says i have decided. He says i am disappointed and hurt too as i thought that my brothers will support me but i was wrong. Rudra hugs him. He says i will always support you. Om says ok i will support too. Anika says she will come late and asks Sahil to eat food at time. Sahil says ok. Anika asks Dadi to see list of items which Pandit asked for.

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