Ishqbaaz 31st August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Ishana Exposed By Omkara


Shivay gets up in night and thinks when Anika pushed him in pool. Anika comes and asks why you threw water on me. Shivay says he will take revenge as she also threw water on him. Anika asks if you will take Water tank with you. Shivay laughs and says i will. Then Anika gets up. Anika says how bad dream it was and asks Sahil that Shivay threw water on her knowingly. Shivay sees sofa and says Anika is mad. Anika says he is stone singh Oberoi. Gayatri asks Roop to find secret code of locker of Oberoi mansion. Roop asks what will you do. Gayatri says do as she is saying and she will go again in house and her brother out of house. Roop says she will give her secret code. Om makes sculptures. Shivay says he wants to talk to him. Rudra asks if he has any photo of Mala or anything else. Om asks whats happening. Shivay says we need all information. Om says i dont have any photo. Shivay asks to make sketch of her.


Anika asks Sahil to do homework. Anika thinks she has to arrange money and bua was about to give money. She asks for money from Bua. Bua says she does not have any money. She says she submitted that money in bank. Anika says she had to return this. Bua says bank members are saying this will take time to transfer money. Sahil thinks he has to do something to find out money. Om makes sketch and says he does not know where she lives. Om asks whats going on. Dadi asks Anika to see designs as Tia wants to see best dresses. Rudra goes to see house of Bela. He searches and says now he is an agent. He looks at sketch and asks from everyone. Rudra finds Bela in front of him. Sahil lights up candle and burns hair of Bua. Sahil asks her to tell where is money. Anika falls. Shivay asks if she is fine.

Anika says she gets hurt because of him. Shivay says she is disaster. Shivay says he will get medicine for her. She says no she is not like him. Anika asks about his cold. He says i am fine. Anika says he threw water on her knowingly. Shivay turns and smiles. She asks if he is smiling and says he did his to take revenge. He smiles and goes. Sahil tells Anika that bua has wasted whole money. Om asks Shivay what are they planning. Shivay smiles and murmured he threw water on her. Om says Anika would have died. Shivay says he is there and how can she die. Om asks what. He says he is in oberoi mansion and they have to protect her. Rudra calls Om. He says Bela is in front of him. He sees someone calling her Ishana

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