Ishqbaaz 3rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Star Plus Recap: Shocking News For Everyone


Rudra goes to Saumya and tries to make her remember. Saumya treats him same way as he treated her. Saumya talks on phone and closes door. Rudra thinks what is this happening. He goes and talks to Om and says he is thinking about her and how is it possible that she didnot recognised him. He says this is new feeling. Tez comes and says Shivay’s phone is off and whats going on. Dadi worries. Om calls but doesnot reaches. Tez gets a call and becomes shocked. They opens Tv and gets to know that Gayatri is out of jail. Om remembers what she did.


He says she will plan something against us. Anika asks Dadi not to worry. Pinky says why Shivay is not picking up phone. Om calls it disconnects. Suddenly they shows a chopper blasts. Anika thinks of her words. Tez calls Police and scolds them that Gayatri is threat to their family. Shakti also comes. Tia also calls Shivay. Her mother asks why he didnot pick her phone up. She says you should have gone with him. A engineer comes and shows footage in which a woman roams outside. Om says she is Gayatri.

Engineer tells that there were cut wires. Tez says how is this security and anyone can come and cross security barrier. Janvi asks if Pinky is ok. Janvi ties dhage on wrist of all of them. Pinky becomes mad and says get ready for marriage. News comes that one chopper blasted near Oberoi industry. Everyone becomes shocked. Tez sends team on crash site. Anika cries and thinks she was not serious for her words. Ishana and her dad also sees news and her dad says its good time to come close to Om. Ishana says she will help Om. Anika tells Dadi that she spoke those words.

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