Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Shivaye & Tia Marriage Today


Anika says she has reached. Shivay stops the car. He says Anika I want to say something. He says I will see you tomorrow. Anika says let’s meet tomorrow. He says I will drop you. Anika says I will go. Shivay says I will wait until you will go inside. She goes. Janvi asks Pinky to see the set. She asks if everything is ok. Pinky says she talked to Shakti but he shouted on her. She says I have seen that girl who was on the cd. Anika thinks. Sahil sees her and asks what happened. Sahil asks why are you tensed. Janvi says what is this and how is this possible as girl died before five years. Janvi says if police will know this and then they will make this an issue.

IshqbaazJanvi asks Pinky not to think about that. Sahil brings a cd. Anika says I don’t want to see the movie. Sahil says this is your favourite movie of ghosts. Rudra says we are sitting like this last time. Om says from tomorrow someone has more right than us. Rudra says yes we will change. Om says our midnight adventure will be stopped. Rudra says we shared secrets and now this will not happen. Shivay says nothing will happen will like this . Rudra asks really so I will not change my room. Shivay says something will change. Rudra says many things will change. He says our love will not change. Shivay says one for all and all for one. Anika sees the movie. Sahil says why ghost wears white dress.

Om asks to sleep. Rudra says I will sleep with Shivay. Om takes Rudra. Anika sees Sahil slept. She sees a poster in the movie. Shivay thinks why he is so worried and he doesn’t know how to react. he wishes that he did not need Tia’s parent’s vote. He thinks he is missing something and he wants to prove them innocent. Anika wakes up suddenly. She reopens video. She thinks where I have seen this poster. She remembers that video. She becomes shocked and thinks Tez and Shakti could be claimed innocent. Shivay becomes ready. Pinky praises him. Pinky asks are you happy with this wedding. He becomes shocked. Shivay doesn’t say anything. Pinky says you have to keep your wish in front. Rudra comes and sings a song.

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