Ishqbaaz 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Live Online: Shivaye Allows Mallika To Stay


Anika asks about marriage. Anika says your marriage will be india’s largest marriage organised by Anika. Shivay says all these are drama and many people will come in marriage. Om and Rudra listens them. Shivay says they exaggerate things. Shivay says he thinks if two people decided that they want to get married then there should be no drama. A girl comes in Oberoi Mansion. She says Shivay. Everyone looks at her. Om and Rudra says Malika. She says Shivay and hugs him. Rudra asks you are in bride dress. She says she ran away from her wedding. They becomes shocked. She says she needs something to eat. She introduces herself to Anika. She eats food and says this is Receipe of Shivay but Om made it. Shivay asks why you ran away from your wedding. Anika asks who is she. Rudra says she is ex girlfriend of Shivay. Shivay asks how you can do that as news is coming and they are insulted her. Malika says if he asked why she ran.


Shivay shouts on her and says if she has done this with him then he would have killed her. Malika says she did this because its her way. Shivay says life doesnot run this way. She cries. She says she thought that she can trust him and he will understand her but he is same Shivay Singh Oberoi. Janvi and Tez talks. Tez gets call and shows news of Malika to Janvi. Tez taunts them. Janvi says you are so happy that their shares fell. Janvi says when Malika dated Shivay then she thought she is good girl. Malika cries. Anika gives her tissues and says her makeup will spoil. Malika says thank you. Anika says her makeup is so nice. She says it was looking nice on Tv. Malika asks what. Malika asks what is Bhagodi. She tells who runs time to time

Anika says not to worry and think that Kohli should make century. Malika says why. Anika tells if he will make century then no one show her news. Malika says Shivay always remain in his ego. Anika says yes. Anika says if Pinky aunty would have slapped him then he will not be like this. Anika says he will never listen to anyone. Malika says yes he is like that and not ready to understand my situation. Anika goes to Shivay and says Malika is sad. Shivay says she did this wrong. Anika says if he thinks Wedding is olympics as if she will run then she will get medal. She makes Shivay realise that Malika came here with trust. Shivay remains blank.

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