Ishqbaaz 4th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Star Plus: Anika Calls Shivaye Mad


Ishana goes to Oberoi Mansion and finds Om. Ridhimaa comes and tells Om not to worry. Suddenly Ishana breaks the vase and Om and Ridhimaa walks towards that. They sees no one there. Dadi shouts and Om runs towards her. Om says he doesnot get any information about Shivay. News shows that Chopper was of Oberoi industries and persons in helicopter are subjected to death but we don’t know who were travelling in chopper. Everyone gets shocked. Om cries. Rudra asks Saumya that this Dhaga will protect his brother.


Om closes Tv and says we should search Shivay. Pinky comes and asks what happened. Janvi goes to consoles her but she acts madly. Dadi cries then suddenly voice of Shivay comes. Everybody sees him. They becomes happy. Pinky hugs him. Anika also relieves. Dadi goes and hugs him. Dadi asks if he is fine. Shivay says he is good. Shakti goes to him and hugs. He says everybody was scared. Shivay hugs Priyanka and she cries. Anika says she never thought that she will ever say thank you to god.

Shakti asks what happened. Shivay asks for water. Anika says she will bring. Shivay becomes scared. Ishana also sees and then thinks she has to escape. She tries to get out of house. Shivay says he was out of the chopper before Nasik. Om asks why. He says because of Anika. Anika asks why. Shivay says she interchanged envelopes and thats why he had to come out of chopper. Shivay says because of her he had to cancel his meeting. Dadi shows caricature of Billu ki shadi. Om says because of her he is safe. Anika says she will manage Billu’s wedding.

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