Ishqbaaz 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Video: Shivaye Find The Clue


Shivay talks. Om says you are tensed. Shivay says dont say again and i have decided. Om says still we have time. Shivay says we want miracle to prove Tez and Shakti as innocent. Shivay says our stocks became low because of Tez and Shakti. Rudra says i heard everything. Rudra says how can you love Om more than me. Shivay smiles. He says you both are my shoulders. Rudra says your bachelor life is gonna end. He says Tia is coming to our house. Anika calls Om and says i got a proof and Tez will be proved innocent. Priyanka brings Tia. Om doesnot able to listen. Anika asks Om to tell Shivay.

IshqbaazAnika asks Auto driver to drive fast. Om thinks Shivay was waiting for the miracle and miracle has come. He thinks i have to tell Shivay. Om comes to mandap. Om thinks whatever he heard he is not sure of that and if he stops marriage then Pinky will sue him. Tia and Shivay exchanges varmala. Everyone becomes happy. Om takes Rudra and tells him. Om says i am not sure that i am right or not. Rudra says i have to tell. He becomes tensed . Om and Rudra walks. Anika comes. Everyone sees her. She says i want to tell something. Shivay asks what happened. Anika says she got proof through which we can prove Tez and Shakti innocent. shivay asks to show him. He gets up from mandap. Tia says our wedding.

Shivay says i have to go. Pinky stops but he didnot listen. Rudra says you did right to come. Tia comes to Shivay. She says universe dont want that we will get married. She cries. Shivay says priority is to prove them innocent not our marriage. She says i understand. Shivay says we will marry when conditions will be good. Tia says i am going. Shivay says thank you to her. Om asks what happened. Rudra says if she loves you then she would have sue you. Shivay talks on phone. Pinky says Tia’s mother will be disappointed. Janvi says i am happy that wedding stopped as these circumstances are not good. Pinky asks what you think Anika is right.

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