Ishqbaaz 5th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Star Plus: Shivaye Asks Rudra To Apologize To Soumya


Shivay asks where is his watch. Om ssys dont take tension as it was just a watch. He says that was not a watch as Om gifted him. Tia comes and asks Shivay to thank Anika as it was her good karma. Shivay gets irritated. Ridhimaa comes and says he should thank Anika as she manages all things well. She says please. Shivay says you dont know how is she. Om says Shivay has fear of her. Shivay says its enough. Priyanka and Saumya comes and Priyanka also asks him to say thank you. Everyone forces him. Ishana shouts and Rudra thinks who shouted.


Ishana escapes. She goes in Om’s workplace and Ridhimaa sees her. Tia asks Shivay to try medicine which she brought from London. Shivay says he should talk to his doctor. Rudra teases him. Ridhimaa asks what is she doing here. Ishana says we both have same interest and Oberoi’s new business is harming environment so she came here to confront Oberois. Shivay says i have to label all the medicines. Shivay eats many medicines. Rudra gets shocked. Shivay says its important as he will becomes ill and then half Oberoi industry will get ill.

Ridhimaa asks Ishana to talk to Oberoi about this. She also asks where she was when she called her for rally. Ishana becomes confused and makes excuses. Ridhimaa says she will make her meet Omkara. Shivay asks Rudra to hold medicines. Anika comes and Shivay gives her medicines unknowingly. They they falls on bed and had eyelock. Ridhimaa brings Om and they sees no one. Shivay takes out medicine. Anika says Rudra said that Shivay wanted to talk to her. Shivay remembers how they all forced him to say thank you.

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