Ishqbaaz 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Shivaye & Anika Gets Poster


Sahil talks to Anika on phone. Anika says everyone is here. She asks what will you take to help me. Sahil asks what happened. She asks him to see where is that poster. Sahil says helloo Billu ji. Anika asks to tell. Sahil says this poster is applied in whole Mumbai so how we will get to know. He says something is written under poster that Jagga dance class. Om also reads. Om says thanks Sahil you are tiger. Sahil says Anika doesnot takes me there. Saumya says you are awesome and he asks what is your favourite colour and favourite game. Priyanka says she never heard any place like this.

IshqbaazOm gets the location. He says he knows this place and there are many dance classes. Anika says we will see this place and search them. Shivay says once we will get to know then i will prove them innocent. Priyanka gets to know that Saumya is love angel. Priyanka gets shocked and says i will tell Rudra and then he will become happy. She says no dont tell them. Priyanka asks why. She says if love angel will be Saumya then magic will go. Shivay and everyone goes to that place. Shivay sneezes. He says this is so cheap. Om says we should see to it. Anika says this is big area.

Om says we have only a poster and how will be find that. Shivay says we should hire personal investigator. Rudra says we will do this and find them. Anika and Shivay comes in one team and Rudra and Om in one team. Rudrs says lets see who will find that girl first. Rudra asks from everyone about the girl. Anika asks Shivay to walk slow. He walks faster. Anika says i am tired. Rudra asks for vada pav. Shivay says i remember what Sahil said. Anika says you are becoming sad because of a child. Anika takes cotton candy. she asks Shivay to have that. Shivay says this is so unhygienic. Anika eats cotton candy. Shivay sees her eating.

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