Ishqbaaz 5th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Online: Anika Agree With Shivaye


Shivay and Malika talks. She asks how you changed your decision. She says she is so curious to know this. Shivay says he was thinking again and then he came to this decision. Malika says you are telling lie. Malika says Anika came to her and make her stop crying and she made you do this. Malika says she affects you. Shivay says its not like that. Malika says see you are murmuring. Ridhimaa tells she has oraganised plantation drive and asks about Malika. He says Pinky is like this and she makes issues. Ridhimaa notices plants. She says she never noticed them. She tells he has to remove all this as she has allergy. Om says its his room. Ridhimaa says he has to do this as she is in Mumbai now.


She suggests many things and says we have to change many things. Om gets tensed. Ridhimaa goes to Anika. Malika also thanks Anika that she made Shivay realise her point. Anika says she is so chant. Malika says what is chant. Malika says she is so happy that Shivay listens to someone. Anika tells he doesnot listen to anyone. Malika tells that he has to act tough as he is elder and thats why Om says great wall of Shivay. Malika says she does not know what is relation between Anika and Shivay but she knows that they both are at same level and he gets affected by you. Malika gets call but she did not picks. Anika asks why you are not picking up phone. Anika asks if she loves her fiance. Pinky comes and asks whats her plan. Pinky taunts her of being acting innocent. Anika says she is really innocent. She says Malika should not think that she can get Shivay again. Shivay comes.

He asks what are you doing. Pinky says she will not listen to him. Pinky says he is lotus. Pinky taunts her that Shivay left you and still you came back. She says Shivay is diamond. Malika says its so bad that everyone thinks their son is diamond. She says Shivay is so good but that does not mean that she wants to marry him. Malika also tells that she dumped Shivay. Anika becomes happy. Pinky gets shocked. Tez asks who can dump a Oberoi. Shakti also becomes shocked. Pinky says a girl who leave my son then she will be surely mentally unstable. Anika talks to Sahil and says she has became fan of Malika.

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