Ishqbaaz 6th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Star Plus: Soumya Throws Water On Rudra


Ishana hides. Ridhimaa says she wanted to make him meet Mala and she disappeared. Om says Bela had injury and Mala had also injury. Ishana thinks now they will know about the truth. Om says Mala is strong girl and she can help Bela to overcome. Ishana says They are useless and she wants to meet Om. Dadi searches Anika and Rudra says Anika is making lists. Dadi says now fight of Anika and Shivay has ended. Then Anika comes out fighting with Shivay. Shivay says Anika is mad and calls her slipper as Chameli.


Shivay says she is mad and Anika says she is not mad. Om sayd dont fight like kids. Anika ssys he is Billu. Shivay says that Dadi should not have said that. Anika repeatedly says Billu. Shivay says he would rather die but not say thank you yo her. Pinky ties Dhaga on photo of Shivay. Shakti asks what is she doing and why tieing dhaga to photo. Pinky says Shivay does not have time and thats why she is doing this. Pinky says pandit is coming and Tia’s mother is also coming. Pinky says but Anika saved his life. Tia’s mother listens and becomes angry.

Pinky welcomes her. Shivay Rudra and Om have tea. Shivay says he everytime drink coffee but he can drink tea as Om made this. Anika thinks Shivay made her mood off. Priyanka asks Anika to come with her. Tia says every boy is not bad. Shivay is so good and she sends reki to him and he will realise his mistake and says thank you to her. Anika says stupid things and says if she will parcel the reki. Tia says we does not parcel it. Shivay asks Rudra to say sorry to Saumya. Rudra says firstly he has to say thank you to Anika.

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