Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Shivaye Goes To Hold Anika


In the Last episode of the Ishqbaaz, we see that Shivaye says to all that I want all to meet my wife, Mrs.Tia Oberoi. On hearing all this Anika gets shocked & Sometime before Shivaye says him that if Mangulsutra is the problem then remove it. Shivaye goes to Anika & Dadi stops him. Shivaye says that Dadi you are getting emotional & I am going to give divorce to Anika. Dadi says that do whatever you want until divorce to stay together you have to respect this relation.

IshqbaazOn the other side, Anika also says that Dadi I can’t keep this forced marriage & can’t forgive Shivaye for all this. Dadi says him that I don’t say you to forgive all this. I am only saying that respect this Mangalsutra. Anika turns & sees Tia. Tia smiles & Anika looks at Shivaye. Then Tia holds Shivaye & smilies.

In the today’s episode of the Ishqbaaz, we see that Anika talks to Shivaye & she say that my brother is my weakness. My self-esteem is my strength & you have used my weakness to make my strength lose. You will understand this situation when someone hurts you & takes the decision of your life. Then after saying all these Anika cries & He goes to hold her.

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