Ishqbaaz 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update Video Star Plus: Girls Watch A Horror Movie


Malika says every mother thinks that their sons are diamond. Malika says she got one true guy and who loves her from heart. Shivay says still you left him. Shivay says he did not want to hurt her. Shivay says every relation is deal and this poetry and books made situations worse and all this happens in film but he remains in reality. Malika says you are typical Shivay Singh Oberoi. Rudra says Love is like newspaper. Om says Love is like god that remains in every heart but it reside only in few hearts. Anika says she believes all words that Shivay said. Shivay says finally in life we are same at any decision. Rudra says on love. Anika says she is normal person. When it rains then rich people thinks of romance but they thinks roof should not leak. She says she does not get time to love and she never think that she can get love in her life. Shivay stares her.


Anika says she also read many stories and she also wants to live and want to smile to remember someone. She says she also wants to be number one in someone’s life and she wants a person whose life revolves around her life. Malika says she wishes Anika will get what she wants. Shivay’s phone rings but he stares Anika. Tia calls Shivay and tells she is sending reki for him. Shivay says he is not good in expressing emotions. Tia tells she is returning tomorrow. News appears that Malika ran away. Tez says they have made this as big drama. Shivay says these media persons are like this. Malika gets call of Siddharth. Shivay says you love him and why you ran away. Malika says Siddharth will never hurt me. Shivay asks the reason. She tells that Siddharth never takes stand for her. She says in front of his mother. Malika says her mother gives priority to her son only and she does not cares about her.

Malika says she does not gets importance. She got contract and asked for two days but Kaitki aunty denied. But then Siddharth’s meeting came and postponed wedding. She says she considers her son as diamond. She asks him to consider his mom also. Malika says she wants equality and says she does not wants to be superstar but wants only same level. Shivay and Om talks if every mom favour their son. Om says Malika has point as Pinky always says Shivay is more innocent. Rudra says Tia will also run. Shivay gives Malika fries. Shivay also says she did right. He also tells that girls are weak. Anika says in olympics girls saved our country.

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