Ishqbaaz 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Soumya Tells Something About Chabbras


Shivay talks on phone with Tez. He informs that police has taken back all the allegations. Tez becomes happy and asks how. He says Anika did all this and she smartly handled the case. He praises Anika and says she saw a poster then took out that girl. Tez says its good and we are coming back. Anika listens to him and Shivay becomes shocked. Anika says why dont you say thank you to me. Shivay says you always say like this and havenot you heard i was praising you. She says yes i heard. Shivay cooks something in kitchen. Shivay Rudra and Saumya realises that today was his meeting and what is he doing here.

IshqbaazOm says because of this board meeting he was marrying Tia and now he has left meeting and is here. They all goes to him. Shivay signs to stay quiet. He was talking on phone on bluetooth. Om asks what happened and why you didnot go to Meeting. He says nothing happened. He tells everything is good. Om becomes happy.Saumya asks why you cries when someone talks about wedding. Rudra says i dont like this wedding concept. Saumya says you should not cry atleast. She asks why you are not fighting. Rudra says i listen to love angel and she asks not to fight on little things. Janvi says people are coming to see Priyanka. Everyone gets glad.

Priyanka comes and become ready. Dadi says if you feel something good about boy then only say yes. Shivay comes and says you are looking so beautiful. Dadi says if Tez and Shakti would be here then it will be good. Tez comes and says i have come. Everyone smiles. Shakti goes to Priyanka and hugs her. Dadi says dont cry as She is not going now. Tez goes to Anika and says i got to know what you did and i wanna say thank you personally. Anika says no need to say thank you as i have responsibility. Tez says when police came then Shivay said that Anika is family and today i agree that you are member of this house. Anika becomes happy and Shivay gets shocked.

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