Ishqbaaz 7th September 2016 Written Episode Udpates Video Star Plus: Om Becomes Scared


Girls and boys fights with each other. Dadi asks till when you will wait. Anika says rain will stop then she will go. Dadi asks to stay here. Malika says thank you Dadi you stopped Anika here. Anika, Malika and Saumya watches horror movie. They all discusses. Saumya says this movie is scariest movie. Someone stand behind them. Malika says we should watch Jaani dushman. Anika says this is not scary movie. A ghost appears. They sees him and gets scared. Rudra appears and Om and Shivay comes. They laughs. Shivay says he said Girls have no mental strength. They laughs and goes. Malika says i dont believe that. Saumya says she has a plan. She says she scares all her friends. She shows scary things.


Malika asks if they get scared. Malika wears ghost dress and goes in front of Om. Om laughs to see her. Saumya gives Anika a fake snake. She goes to Shivay and puts fake snake on him. Shivay holds her hand and takes snake. He says he has mental strength. Malika says its not working. Shivay tells Om. Om tells Malika wore mask. Saumya says lets go and have dinner. She says Malika has ordered this. Om says this is new trick of Malika. Saumya says there is nothing like that. Shivay says we are coming. Rudra becomes happy yo see food. Rudra ssys they lost and boys are more strong than Girlsm he takes up food and gets hand in it. He becomes scared and goes to Shivay and Om. Anika and everyone laughs. Shivay says we scared you all and you only scared Rudra. Malika says we will scare you all. Shivay says lets see but you cannot scare me.

Malika and Anika discusses. Rudra says on all the lights. Om says already they are on. They thinks what must be they doing. Om says that was not real. Rudra becomes scared. Anika acts like Shivay. Malika says it will be difficult to scare Om and Shivay. They searches something to scare Om. Malika says it will not work for Om as he thinks psychologicaly. Shivay says he has to work and so he will go. Rudra says no dont go. Om sleeps with him. Tez and Shakti talks and says ladies should accept that they are so weak. Pinky and Janvi comes and says how can you say that. Pinky says you worship Lord Durga and how can you talk like this. Om sees someone out of the door.

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