Ishqbaaz 8th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Online: Shivaye Accepts Anika’s Challenge


Pandit says Tia and Shivay’s matches Tia and they will remain happy after marriage. Pandit sees kundli and says how this blood came on kundly. Pinky and everyone gets shocked. Om sees up and says its from Ac duct. All rushes upwards. Tez says this pigeon came here and may be died. Om says pigeon cannot come here as there is no window. Shivay says Gayatri is suspect. Tez calls Swatlana and says she is of no use as he gave her security arrangements and she is not able to do it. Tez shouts on Swatlana.


Swatlana says ok i will do as you are saying. Tez says he has asked Swatlana to get coded entry done. Shivay says you are responsible and what he did as Gayatri had become our enemy. Tez says why he thinks he does not take his family security serious. Om says he never took Family serious so how security. They argues. Om becomes upset and Shivay goes to him. He hugs him and asks not to worry as he will get all things right. Om says it will never happen. Shivay says it will. Rudra asks whats happening.

Rudra talks about Tia’s brother. Shivay says he doesnot wants to talk about him. Shivay asks why he has problems with Tia and her family members. Pinky asks Pandit to take out date of wedding. Shivay says his family is important for him and not wedding. He asks if Tia has his family as priority. Tia says yes. Ishana meets Om and starts dancing. Om watches her. Shivay asks security details. Pinky goes to him and asks why he doesnot obey her wishes. Shivay says priority is his family. Tia goes to Anika and asks her to tell Shivay that this wedding is important for him also. Anika says she cannot do like this.

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