Ishqbaaz 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Shivaye Gets Gayetri’s Call


Chhabra comes. Shivay talks on phone. Chhabra shakes hands with Shivay and congrats Shivay that he is going to be married. Mrs Chhabra says how cute couple you are and asks where are you going for honeymoon. They thinks Anika and Shivay are going to; marry. She says don’t hurry for babies and enjoy your life first. Shivay looks at each other. Some time before. Chhabras comes. Tez greets them.Pinky says you are looking good and praises her. Shiva y says contract papers should be ready and i don’t want any delay. Anika goes as her bracelet tucks in Shivay’s button. Shivay doesn’t notice it and walks.

IshqbaazAnika goes with him. Tez asks where are your sons. Mr chabbra says they will reach on time. Mr chhabra shakes hand and Anika’s hand comes along. He smiles and Mrs Chhabra says how cute couple. Rudra and Om gets shocked. Shivay says she is my wedding organiser. Dadi says she is family. Pinky asks them to have something. Rudra teases Shivay. Saumya asks Priyanka to relax. She says you are confident and intelligent. Priyanka says you are good in conversation and you are love angel. Anika comes and says wow you are love angel. Saumya says she knows also.

Anika says we listen to you. Saumya says don’t tell anyone. Anika says i will not tell anyone but i am like oil bottle and leak from somewhere. Priyanka says encourage me. Anika says everyone is calling you. They takes Priyanka. Two boys comes. Saumya sees them and becomes shocked. Priyanka smiles. Mr Chhabra introduces his sons. Anika says wow now you are blushing. Anika asks boy is cute. Saumya says he is creep. Anika asks what happened tell us. Saumya thinks something. Saumya says we were in relationship and he lost one day and did not replied. He did not respect any girl. She says he treats girls as commodity. Anika says we have to tell this to Shivay. She sees everyone is busy in talking. She messages Shivay but he did not sees message. Saumya gets to know that she was talking about Reyan but real boy is Dev and he is good. Shivay takes Dev to room.

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