Ishqbaaz 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Shivaye Gets Angry On Tia


Om meets them. He says i am going to sleep. He thinks he saw someone and he is listening ghost talks and thats why he is thinking like that. Tez and Shakti goes in room and asks what happened Janvi and Pinky. They sees ghost. They both laughs. Tez says clear your make up. Om gets in room and becomes scared to see ghost. Rudra also wakes up. Then they sees that she was Priyanka. Priyanka says you talked about girl power and thats why she is helping them. Shivay comes and says Om you also became scared. He says you scared because of Priyanks. Anika says she will scare Shivay. Anika teases Rudra and Om. Pinky and Janvi talks. Dadi says you are at fault. You does not know how will their husband will become scared. She tells them an idea. Saumya says we should pour blood on bed of Shivay. Malika wakes up. Everyone sleeps.


Tez and Janvi sleeps. She puts fake spider there and he gets scared. Pinky also acts as sleeping and window opens sound of wind comes. He becomes scared. Tez and Shakti goes out. He says he will work in study. Janvi comes and brings fake spider. Then Pinky brings phone. Tez asks how they know that we are scared of this. Dadi comes and tells she told them. Janvi and Pinky asks them to admit that they are scared. Janvi and Dadi laughs. Dadi says there is difference that we admit it but Males doesnot accept this

Shivay sits in lobby. He calls Tia. Tia says she has came back. She asks if he is fine and There was something wrong with Pinky and she asked fifteen times when she is coming. He ssys come to me directly. Shivay thinks he should sleep. He turns and finds Malika aside him. He becomes scared. Malika becomes so happy and says we won. Shivay asks her not to laugh. Malika continues laughing. Shivay says don’t tell Anika about this or else she will tease me everytime. He ties to Stop her but she laughs. He holds his mouth. Malika says she will make this as status. Tia comes and listens someone is laughing. She sees them together and becomes upset. Shivay asks her to go as Tia is coming. She thinks who must be there. He calls Tia and her phone becomes switched off.

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