Ishqbaaz 9th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus: Shivaye Burns Anika’s Code Slip


Romy comes and hugs Saumya. She says how dare you to talk to Saumya like this. She pours water on him. He gets out and Om teases him. Shivay asks why he is getting insulted again and again. Rudra says he learnt this by Shivay. Rudra tells that Romy and Saumya are childhood friends. Om says this Problem can be solved by Shivay. He asks him to thanks Anika and then Rudra will say sorry to her. Shivay goes. Anika comes in front of him. Anika says she can help Rudra and then She will make Saumya and Rudra friends.


Shivay asks if she thinks she is smart. Anika says yes she has done computer course in 13 days. She asks if he is scared that she can do that things which he cannot. Shivay says he has no time for this foolish games. Anika says if you agree the challenge or not as he will say thank you if she will win. Anika says he have to say he is guilty and Anika is smart and beautiful and she saved his life. Shivay asks if she has done. Anika asks why he is scared. Shivay says ok i agree.

Anika asks him to say what he will say. She goes in attitude. Pinky gives Janvi tea and asks her to give to Tez. Tez takes tea and says he needs it. Pinky asks how is tea. Tez says fine. He gets call. Anika asks Shivay to see how she will make Saumya and Rudra friends. She asks him to follow her. Tez talks to Swatlana. Tez gets to know that Janvi sorted out all his schedule and fixed meetings. Tez smiles and asks if she had done this. Janvi says yes she thought that he has scattered meetings. Tez says thank you. Rudra sings song for Saumya. Anika asks Shivay to see they are friends now.

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