Ishqbaaz 9th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Video: Shivaye Agrees To Come To Party


Tia calls Shivay and says whats happening. Shivay asks why you did not come last night. She says you were busy with Malika. He says what. She tells she came and saw them together on bed and they were so busy so she did not disturbed them. Tia says universe wanted her to see the truth and she watched it. Shivay says you think like this about me. He gets angry and throws the phone. Malika and Anika listens this. They thinks they have to make everything normal. Pinky asks if you will not say Good bye to Janvi. She says he must be thinking that why Pinky is so concerned. He says he does not wants to discuss his personal life. Om talks to Ridhimaa. Ridhimaa says she has a surprise for him. Om asks what is that. Ridhimaa asks if she will tell him then what will be the surprise then. She asks him to go in room and see whether he like it or not. He goes in room and sees Pink Cushions and bedsheet. He becomes shocked. Ridhimaa asks if you like this. He acts as if he like it. He says i will talk to you later. He cuts the phone. He becomes frustrated to see them. Shivay and Rudra comes. He asks what happened. Om asks them to see cushions. Rudra says they are cute and makes fun of Om.


Om says he cannot see anything else than pink cushion. Anika asks Rudra to call Om. Malika says we need to talk and come. Anika tells that Shivay and Tia fought with each other . Anika says lets do one thing as Dhoni do. They makes circle and discusses. Shivay comes and asks what is happening. They all talks about their matter. Rudra says lets sit and discuss. Om says Shivay is so shy and he will not talk so he has to write letter. Saumya says we should bring them together.

Om says they will not talk. Malika asks who will make Shivay to write letter. Anika says its not important that he has to write letter. Saumya says nice idea. Anika says then we will write letter and make Shivay and Tia meet then ice will break. Om says there is problem that Tia will come or not in party. Malika says we have Rudy and he knows how to talk to girls and he will persuade her to come in party. Saumya asks Rudra to write letter. He says i have bad handwriting and i don’t write these types of letters. Saumya says what will happen if Tia will recognise Shivay handwriting. Rudra says not to worry as she has seen only signature of Shivay on cheque not on paper.

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